These 20+ CDL Students Were Left in the Dust After School Closed

CDL School, Whiteline Express

Say what you want about the trucking industry — generally speaking, getting your CDL and working as a truck driver is a pretty reliable, simple path. Unfortunately, not everything goes smoothly and this is no exception.

This was best exemplified this week when a trucking school kicked all of its students to the curb.

The situation took place in Fort Lupton, Colorado, where the drivers were enrolled in the Commercial Vehicle Training Center. They paid and expected to finish school with enough experience to get out on the road. That didn’t happen.

These 20+ CDL students were left in the dark with no support

According to a CDL student, Esteban Hernandez, the entire class was cut with no warning at all. How did they find out? When they showed up for class, the lights were off and the door was locked.

When these students asked for compensation or for help enrolling in another class, they were left in the dark. The owner of the company offered to pay for a CDL test, which they are unable to successfully complete without finishing their classes.

At this point, this just feels like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

As things stand, the students are looking for a way to get their money back, as they weren’t given the services that were promised.