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The best perks of being a Whiteline Express driver

Whiteline Express is one of the larger trucking companies in the United States – another finish in Freightwaves’ Top 500 For-Hire Fleets proved that. On that list, Whiteline Express finished 286th with 312 tractors and over 1,200 trailers.

The company continues to grow and improve over time.

Today, I’m going to list some of the best perks of being a Whiteline Express truck driver.

1. Driver Bonuses

The turnover rate in the trucking industry is currently over 90%, meaning that over 90% of drivers leave companies after less than a single year. At Whiteline, we try to lower that number as much as physically possible by making our employees happy.

One of the ways we do that is by creating some of the best bonuses in the industry.

One of our bonuses that flies under the radar is our referral bonus. Perhaps it’s the name, which sounds too much like reefer, that deters drivers from taking advantage of this. That said, it’s too good of a bonus to ignore.

Anytime I talk to a driver, I tell them to refer drivers. If you tell somebody to drive for Whiteline and they list you in their application, you will earn $0.12 per mile for every mile they drive in their first three months. That’s an average of over $3,000 per referral and all you don’t have to do anything more than refer somebody.

If you’re considering a move to another company, try referring other drivers to Whiteline Express instead. 

2. Pet & Rider Policies

When it comes to whether or not a trucking company will allow pets or riders, your chances can come down to a toss-up. In fact, fewer than half of trucking companies in the United States allow pets in their vehicles. A notable company on that list is Heartland Express.

Whiteline Express does allow pets and riders to ensure that our drivers are happy. Check out our favorite Whiteline dog, Suave.

3. Our Mileage Assurance Program

One of the biggest complaints that you see from drivers across the industry is that companies will not give them enough miles. After all, most drivers are paid per mile. No miles, no money.

Because of this, we have a Mileage Assurance Program at Whiteline Express. Our drivers will be paid for 2,500 miles as long as they hit 1,700 in any given week. This assures that they’re able to generate the income that they were looking for when they began working here.

Want to apply? Click here.

Whiteline Express Referral Bonus

Whiteline Express’s Referral Bonus Could Put Over $3,500 in Existing Drivers’ Pockets

I started at Whiteline Express just around six months ago as a Social Media Recruiting Specialist. My job is to increase traffic to Whiteline social accounts, increase the total number of job applications, and ultimately, increase the number of truck drivers at this company. To reach this goal, I started looking at the company to see which aspects of Whiteline Express would appeal to someone looking for a company.

The company has plenty of benefits — the pay is really solid, the drivers are treated well, and the company is extremely reliable. But one recruiting point stood above the rest for me: the referral bonus for over-the-road drivers.

Not a lot of drivers take advantage of our referral bonus and I cannot figure out why. I’m not sure if it’s a lack of awareness or possibly the fear of losing miles to another driver (which will not happen) — whatever the case is, there needs to be more people bringing in referrals. Here’s why.

Whiteline Express’s referral bonus puts up to $4,000 in drivers’ pockets for doing almost nothing at all

When I say it’s easy to get Whiteline’s referral bonus, I’m not exaggerating at all. There’s a single step: make sure the driver you’re referring puts your name on their application. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. That action alone could get you up to $4,000.

There’s no catch; this isn’t a pyramid scheme. It is as good and as easy as it sounds.

Now, there are specific things that have to happen in order to get this but once you’ve finished your only task, there’s nothing but free money coming in. Your work is done. So how does the bonus actually work?

It gets a little bit complicated, but I’ll give you a quick breakdown.

Once the driver you’ve recommended completes onboarding and starts driving, you will earn $0.12 per mile for their over-the-road driving in the first three months of their employment. The payments come in monthly and the driver does have to complete that month. That said, if the driver only finishes a single month of driving and quits halfway through the next, you will have been paid from that first month. Usually, that would be over $1,000.

Let’s say they drive 2,250 miles per week for their first three months — that would put just over $3,500 in your pocket. For doing absolutely nothing. Let’s say they’re on the low end of miles and only drive 1,500 per week for those three months — that will give you $2,340. FOR DOING NOTHING. IT IS SO EASY.

There’s no limit to the number of drivers that you can refer, either. Referring one driver will get you around $3,500. You might refer five drivers and earn around $15,000 for their driving. Heck, hypothetically speaking, you could refer ten drivers in a year and earn over $30,000. You could refer 20 drivers in a year and earn $60,000. There is no limit.

If I was a truck driver, I would be relentlessly recruiting people to join this company. It’s such a small amount of work that can earn you such a large amount of money. It benefits you, it benefits the driver you’re recruiting, and it benefits the company.

The smart move is to refer drivers to our company.

You will NOT lose out on miles by referring another driver — here’s why

After repeatedly asking our recruiters why more drivers don’t do this, I finally got an answer. Most existing drivers are afraid that the driver they refer is going to take their miles. It’s a valid concern and definitely something that happens at smaller companies.

Whiteline Express is not a small company — there are plenty of miles to go around.

We have a fleet of over 300 trucks and extremely consistent loads for drivers. Nobody at this company is struggling to accumulate miles — you will get what you’re looking for, no matter who you refer. If you’re not convinced, our 2,500 weekly mileage assurance will keep your miles safe.

The referral bonus can benefit new hire drivers too. Here’s how.

The best part about Whiteline’s referral bonus is that it doesn’t just apply to existing drivers. It can actually benefit prospective drivers too.

Let’s say you’re already considering driving for Whiteline Express but you haven’t actually applied yet. You can reach out to an existing WE driver, put their name in your application, and then split the bonus (you didn’t hear this from me). That’ll put upwards of $2,000 in each of your pockets. It is important to note that this will be off the books — you’re going to have to trust the existing driver to split this money with you.

Here are some stipulations to stay aware of:

  • Both drivers must be active at the time of payout
  • Payments are monthly
  • Bonus lasts through the first three months of referees’ driving
  • $0.12 CPM bonus only applies if you referred an over-the-road driver (day pay is below)
  • There is no limit to the number of drivers you can refer
  • You will earn referral money from each month completed by referred driver

The referral bonus for day-pay drivers is great, too

I’m spending all of this time talking about the over-the-road referral bonus for a reason — it’s really good. That said, we have a respectable day-pay bonus system too and it’s much simpler than the over-the-road bonus. Here’s how that works.

If you refer a day-pay driver to Whiteline Express, you will earn $1,500. Here’s how that money is spread out.

  • $250 after referred driver completes first three months
  • $250 more after referred driver completes six months
  • $1,000 after referred driver completes a year