Truck driver shows what to do if you can’t fit under a bridge

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Truck drivers will experience a handful of inevitabilities throughout their career. Whether that be getting pulled over, having a vehicle issue, or being involved in an accident, negative things are bound to happen. It’s the nature of the job.

One inevitability that no truck driver is looking forward to is encountering a bridge that is too low.

Despite the fact that there are usually plentiful warning signs. . . stuff happens. If you’re active on social media, you probably see a new photo or video every week – no matter what precautions are taken, semi-trucks will continue to run into bridges.

This truck driver just showed all truckers what to do if they’re approaching a bridge that is too low

Approaching a bridge that is too low can be a huge dilemma for a truck driver. It’s easy to panic or do the wrong thing. Earlier this week, a truck driver gave a strong example of what to do if you’re approaching a low bridge.

Though it may seem like common sense, the best option is never to drive under a bridge and hope for the best. When in doubt, stop your truck and pull over.

That’s what a truck driver in Houston, Texas did earlier this week when they realized that their oversized load was not going to fit under a bridge. The driver had no way of turning off of an exit. Instead of powering through, the driver stopped and alerted the police.

Unfortunately, this mistake caused a huge backup but the alternative would have been a crash straight into the bridge. The semi-truck had to be escorted the wrong direction on the highway by police.

The entire ordeal took over two hours. Still, it was the right choice.

Make sure you’re watching signage on the road for clearance heights. If you miss it, be prepared. Drivers crash into bridges all the time – it’s easy to avoid being one of them.