Over 3,000 trucking jobs were created last month

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One thing that is unique and highly-appreciated in the trucking industry is the resilience of the job market. No matter what type of economic change is seen, the trucking job market will, at least generally speaking, remain consistent.

For this reason, nobody was panicking in February when the trucking job market saw a decrease of 5,000 jobs – the largest plummet we’ve seen in a long time.

And just as expected, the jobs have returned.

Over 6,000 jobs have been added to the trucking industry in the last two months

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job industry bounced back from its 5,000-job plummet with a spike of over 3,000 in March. This was followed by another 3,000 in April.

Still, this leaves the industry behind the extremely hefty bar that was set last year. That number was 61,000 in 2022 – one that likely will not be reached by the end of this year.

That said, transportation jobs are way up as a whole and have followed a similar trend to trucking-specific jobs. Transportation-related jobs as a whole rose by 11,000 last month and has jumped a total of 38,000 total on the year. Last year, the industry jumped by 261,000 jobs.