Taylor Swift uses a staggering amount of semi-trucks for her tour

Taylor Swift Trucking Fleet

Trucking and Taylor Swift are not two words that you’ll often hear in the same sentence. It’s unlikely that the average truck driver is a fan of the global pop star.

That said, Swift is employing more truck drivers than 95% of trucking companies. That’s right, Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is going to be bringing along around 90 semi-trucks, according to The New York Post. This is supported by a photograph posted in Reddit’s r/Truckers showcasing a small portion of her tour fleet.

Guess that makes it the second-largest Swift fleet in America. Sorry, bad joke.

Why does Taylor Swift need so many semi-trucks?

The first question when you hear about Taylor Swift’s 90-truck fleet is simple: why? Why does she need so many trucks and what is in all of these trucks?

Unfortunately, the answer is vague and extremely unsatisfying. That said, it can be explained away by looking at Swift’s elaborate and physically demanding stage sets. The pop star sees multiple set changes per concert. But how can she afford that much in logistics fees, you ask?

According to Forbes, the Eras Tour could bring Swift over $600 million. Yeah.

This makes sense, as the cheapest tickets for her concerts are hovering around $1,000. Taylor Swift knows how to draw a crowd.