At Whiteline Express, we actively seek new and better ways to reduce our carbon footprint while striving to protect natural resources and the environment for future generations.


EPA SmartWay Partner

As a partner in the EPA SmartWay Transport Partnership Program, we have worked to achieve the highest fuel efficiency standards possible through the use of:
Better Aerodynamics | Fuel-Efficient Tires | Eco Mud Flaps | Driver Training & Education

Additional Sustainability Initiatives

To help reduce its impact on the environment in addition to its work with SmartWay,
Whiteline Express implemented initiatives which have led to a 12% increase in miles per gallon over the last five years:

Purchased more environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient trucks

Redefined tractor specifications by collaborating with equipment engineers and industry experts

Distributed driver training materials to improve fuel economy

Outfitted the fleet with fuel saving, low-rolling resistance tires

Switched to lower viscosity, full-synthetic driveline lubricants

30% of fuel purchased is biodiesel blended

Continual routing efficiency improvements