Red Giant semi-truck

The story behind the world’s longest sleeper cab semi-truck

When it comes to semi-trucks, length isn’t necessarily something that most drivers are eager to increase. A longer truck will be harder to maneuver, and from a logistical standpoint, it will increase the weight of the vehicle.

That said, not all trucks serve the same purpose.

Sometimes, trucks have a very unique purpose — just look at Bryan Dax, a Wisconsin owner-operator who has taken a unique path in the trucking world. He began with a traditional trucking occupation and has changed it into something that better suits his interests.

Bryan Dax’s “Red Giant” doesn’t actually haul any cargo

According to 10-4 Magazine, Bryan Dax doesn’t actually haul anything. In fact, what was once a long-haul sleeper cab has quickly turned into nothing but an advertising machine. That’s what the two 11′ by 6′ LED TV screens are for on the vehicle.

In fact, Dax doesn’t cease to haul cargo because he doesn’t want to — he cannot physically carry more than a few thousand pounds. Without any cargo, the vehicle and trailer weigh a whopping 72,000 pounds, meaning a small addition could put it over the 80,000 maximum gross weight limit.

But Dax has an extremely consistent stream of money coming in as a result of this.

The coolest part? The idea was actually given to him by former boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. You see, Dax was a friend of Roy Jones Sr. and eventually developed a relationship with his boxing son. Jones Jr. would eventually suggest the idea of putting advertising on the side of his truck over a game of pool.

Dax ran with it.

How long is the “Red Giant” anyway?

Before I tell you how long the “Red Giant” is, I’ll give you a frame of reference. The average semi-truck is around 72 feet long — that is not a number that varies too greatly. Many trucks will be under that number, but few exceed it greatly.

The “Red Giant” is over 93 feet long.

Technically speaking, there was a truck that was longer than this — much longer than this. That truck measured nearly a mile long with 112 trailers being carried behind it. The caveat here is that this truck was more of a publicity stunt than anything else. There was nothing functional about it.

The longest single-trailer, fully-functional semi-truck is Bryan Dax’s Red Giant.