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Why the Trucking World Is Getting Excited Over This Taco Bell

In trucking, you’ll find a wider variety of news than virtually any other industry. Truckers have a way of getting their names in headlines for good and for bad. One recurring theme among headlines, however, has to do with drive-thrus.

For most truck drivers, going through a drive-thru isn’t an option — the trucks are simply too big, as most establishments have a maximum height of around nine feet. Clearance bars are usually placed at locations to avoid property damage, preventing large vehicles from bumping edges of buildings.

Even so, some are completely unnecessary. Some fast food companies are realizing this and taking steps to cater to trucking companies.

This Taco Bell removed it’s clearance bar entirely, allowing semi-trucks to pass through and order food

It’s what all truckers want — fast food access at all times. There is a very small number of places that cater to truckers but generally speaking, they’re out of luck. Fortunately, those who pass through Nebraska will now have the option to get fast food.

A video posted to YouTube by Natasha Trucking showcased a Taco Bell that knocked down the clearance bar, allowing truck drivers to pass through the Taco Bell drive thru.

Unfortunately, as seen in the video, the speaker system at this Taco Bell has not been altered, so drivers have to open the door and step down to order and receive their food.

Still, it’s pretty convenient for big-rig drivers who are used to parking and ordering inside of restaurants.