CDL Driver

Why Don’t CDL Drivers Get Discounted Insurance Rates?

Becoming a CDL driver can be extremely challenging. For starters, you have to find a way to fund your way through CDL school, followed by a series of tests that allow you to drive some of the most difficult vehicles in the world. Even scarier — it’s tricky to hold onto. At all times, you have to be on your game.

As an example, you can lose your CDL if you don’t pass a series of physical tests, which happen at least every two years. CDL drivers can also lose their license if their blood alcohol content is above .04. That’s half of what it would take for a normal driver to get a DUI. It’s like having a normal driver’s license on hard mode.

Drivers also have to maintain a strong driving record — at any given moment, they are a single infraction away from losing their license. Because of this, it should be clear that drivers with a CDL license are better than the average driver. It’s not an opinion — it’s a fact.

Do CDL drivers get discounted insurance rates?

You can probably tell by the title here — the answer is no.

In fact, some insurance companies would go so far as to claim that CDL drivers are more likely to get into an accident. Jerry (, an auto insurance provider, claims that “In some cases, you may be more likely to get into an accident as driving a truck is fatiguing. Driving long hours can cause strain on your body and eyes. You may also have issues staying awake on overnight drives.”

For lack of better phrasing, this reasoning makes no sense. Driver fatigue applies when you’re driving a semi-truck, but how does this justify withholding insurance discounts from CDL drivers on their non-CDL auto insurance? The website goes on to explain that “there is no way to prove that you are less of a risk to insure if you have a commercial driver’s license.” They go on to explain how being married or being a homeowner is adequate evidence to get these discounts.

Insurance companies aren’t concerned with fairness — they want your money.

It makes no sense. Somebody who is literally a professional driver is not considered a safer driver than the average person.

Unfortunately, this usually comes down to money. If you’re married or a homeowner, you’re more likely to add a vehicle to your policy, which actually may decrease your individual rate but increases their income from your account.

That said, there are a few companies that do give out discounted rates to drivers who possess a CDL. Don’t give up easily, as it often takes time to find an insurance company that is actually looking out for your best interest.