$100,000 in dimes was stolen from this semi-truck

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Another day, another bizarre trucking story.

Earlier this week, a trucker parked in Philadelphia had an estimated $100,000 stolen from their truck. But as you can see by the title, this wasn’t your ordinary robbery. The truck in question was transporting $750,000 worth of dimes, according to NBC News. The break-in was reported at 6:00 AM northeast of Philadelphia in a Walmart parking lot.

The crime seems like an odd one. Coins are extremely heavy, especially when they are that low in value, and the payout only yielded 15% of the truck’s value. Plus, the money could easily be tracked.

The dime robbers left money all over the ground

If you thought that this was a well-organized, thought-out plan, you were wrong. The robbers used bolt cutters to get into the truck and proceeded to take the dimes, which were kept in bags, and transfer them into their own containers. Throughout this process, they spilled dimes everywhere.


That’s right – if you’re not good at math, this dime theft took 1,000,000 dimes. That equates to nearly 5,000 pounds.

Again, this crime seems. . . inefficient.

As of this morning, authorities are searching for a White Chrysler 300 with tinted windows. They’re also searching for a “dark colored pickup truck” that presumably carried the cargo once it was stolen.