3 things all truckers want for Christmas this year

Truckers on Christmas

Truckers are unlike any other type of person in the world. For better or worse, the occupation is one of the most iconic ones throughout the history of pop culture, with truck drivers being well-represented in films and TV shows.

And many of the stereotypes hold true.

A large handful of truckers are very unique people. While some people might want more traditional gifts like a new TV or a pair of shoes, truckers’ interests are totally different. Here are three things all truckers want for Christmas this year.

1. Christmas Day off

If you’re a trucker, you’ve had to learn the hard way — there’s no true vacation. Most trucking companies require some drivers to deliver shipments on Christmas Day, as this is still a huge day in the logistics industry. If you don’t want to, you have to schedule out paid time off in advance.

This is just part of the job, so most truckers won’t normally complain about it. That said, they’d all love to have the day off to see friends and family.

2. Clear roads with minimal traffic

Again, this is pretty unrealistic. Unfortunately, truck drivers don’t just have to drive on Christmas Day — they have to deal with traffic that is associated with the holiday. This means the millions of Americans who travel to see family each year in December.

This makes their job extremely difficult — you won’t find a driver around who doesn’t get frustrated during the holiday season.

3. Gasoline

This one will ring especially true for owner-operators, who pay for their own gasoline. This one is also coming true this year… sort of.

While diesel prices are still very high around the country, they’ve actually been dropping for the past month. They’re down over $0.15 from a week ago and continue to drop as we approach the holiday season. This means that while OOs might lose mileage during the holiday season due to traffic, they’ll save a little bit of money on gas.

Still, any truck driver in the world would take a free tank of gas any day of the week. In some areas, that is valued at around $1,000.