Celebrities in Trucking: Roy Williams Jr.

Roy Williams, Dallas Cowboys

The trucking industry is huge. When you look at people involved in it, you’ll find people from all walks of life — semi-trucks do not discriminate. Some notable names are Elvis Presley, Richard Pryor, and Liam Neeson.

For one reason or another, big names gravitate to the trucking industry.

Former NFL Pro Bowl WR Roy Williams Jr. began a successful trucking company after retiring

Roy Williams Jr. was one of the best receivers in the NFL for a stretch of time. The former Texas Longhorn pass-catcher played for the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, and finally, the Chicago Bears before retiring at the conclusion of a seven-year career. He accumulated over 1,300 yards and seven touchdowns in 2006, earning the opportunity to play in the Pro Bowl. He was one of the most reliable players in the league for a long time.

But after retiring, Williams found himself completely bored. Here’s a quote from the former wideout via NBCDFW from 2014, a couple of years after he retired.

“I played golf, I played with my children and I played video games for three weeks,” said Williams. “I could not sit still. I knew nothing about it, knew absolutely nothing about trucking or the oil field. I knew that I loved here in the oil field, but knew nothing about it.”

It was at this point that he decided to enter the trucking industry, starting RDUB Trucking. Unlike former NBA superstar Karl Malone’s trucking business, Williams’s actually took off and found success. As far as I can find, RDUB Trucking is still in commission today, eight years after its inception.