How One Company Is Trying to Change Trucking for Women

Truck Driver/CDL

Historically speaking, women have been underrepresented in trucking. While the lack of representation for women is slowly fading in most industries, the trucking industry continues to struggle to bring women aboard.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 7.9% of truck drivers are women — and most of those CDL-driving-women have some issues with the industry.

Because of this, companies are trying to find a way to put more women behind the wheel of a truck. One organization, in particular, that is trying to accomplish this is ATA (American Trucking Associations).

The ATA is launching a program to encourage women to join the trucking industry

The program is called Women in Motion and, according to, is “working with coalition partners, policymakers, and business leaders, Women in Motion will work to provide a more secure work environment for women in the industry, including advocating for issues like safer truck parking, as well as greater diversity in trucking. The program will also provide support and development opportunities for women in the industry, as well as promoting trucking as a career path to women across the country.”

In reality, it’s unclear what exactly they’ll be doing. Heck, they probably don’t even know exactly what they’ll be doing. That said, every journey starts with a single step and this is a good place to hit the ground running.

Here’s what ATA President Chris Spear said about the development of the program.

The trucking industry relies on women – whether in the boardroom, as a technician, or behind the wheel – and we believe that by highlighting the many contributions the women already in trucking make, we can demonstrate what a rewarding and lucrative career path it can be for millions of others

Chris Spear

Hopefully, this sends the industry in the right direction.